Best Valorant Agents of 2021 : Take a look at the most popular Valorant agents for the year 2021

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published December 23, 2021

Best Valorant Agents of 2021 : With the year 2021 coming to an end, here are the best valorant agents for the year 2021 based on your pick rates.

Valorant popularity has been ever-growing since its release in June 2020. It manages around 12 million players a month, which is quite impressive. Even though there are a lot of FPS games out there, what attracts the players to the game is its diversity, the agents.

Over the year Riot has managed to add a total of 17-agents to the game. Each with a unique ability and a unique playstyle. However, everyone has their favorites, so without further ado let’s take a look at the most picked agents.

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Best Valorant Agents

Out of the 17 Agents, we will be excluding Chamber from the list as he is fairly new.

16) Astra

Valorant Astra

Even though the addition of Astra changed the way Valorant is played, she remains to be the Agent with the lowest pick rate. Astra has a total of 7.4% pick rate however managing a total of 48.1 % win rate.

15) Breach

Valorant BreachBreach is one of the original agents in the game. However, he only managed to get a total of 8.2 % pick rate for this episode’s ranked matches.

14) Yoru

YoruYoru is not a very helpful agent for team play however his abilities give him to power to make flashy plays. Thanks to which he has a total of 10.1 % pick rate. In fact, this number may increase due to his upcoming changes.

13) KAY/O

KAYOKay/o’s unique ability allows him to suppress his opponent’s abilities. Which allowed him to manage a total of 12.8% pick rate for this year’s rank matches.

12) Cypher

Valorant CypherDespite his recent changes were he only requires fewer ult points for this ultimate ability. Cypher only managed to get a total of 16.4% pick rate.

11) Phoenix

Valorant PhoenixPhoenix was famous during the initial stages of valorant however, he has fallen down the list. He currently has a total pick rate of 19.6 %.

10) Brimstone


Brimstone is an agent from the USA with the power to order an orbital strike from his iPad. Brimstone managed to get a total pick rate of 20.4 %.

9) Skye

SkyeComing from Australia Skye brings in some greenery to the valorant matches. And with the Skye managed to get a total of 22.9 % pick rate in matches.

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8) Viper

Valorant ViperViper has seen some constant changes to her abilities over the years. And in the end, Riot managed to do it right, which led her to have a total pick rate of 26.3 %.

7) Killjoy

Valorant KilljoyI gotta be honest, killjoy’s turret is annoying if you are on the enemy team. But their unique ability allowed her to have a total of 33.3 % pick rate. In fact, Killjoy has the highest win rate amongst all agents, a total of 55.2 %.


OmenOmen was once one of the most picked agents however, his nerfs and the addition of Astra made him a little less fun to play. But this didn’t affect him much as he still managed to get a total pick rate of 34.4 %.


SovaNow we are in the big leagues. The top 5 most picked agents for valorant rank matches. Sova I would say is a must-pick agent, as no one is better at giving information than Sova. However, he managed to get a total pick rate of 36.1 %.

4) Raze

RazeRaze is without a doubt one of the best agents to play in valorant. Due to this, she has a total pick rate of 36.7 %. And a win rate of 50%.


Valorant JettYes, Jett is the third most picked agent for the year 2021. You didn’t expect that, did you? But Jett still ended up having a total pick rate of 64.1 %.


Valorant ReynaA cold-hearted dualist who sucks the soul of dead people, I mean what is scarier than that. Jokes aside Reyna has a total pick rate of 70.9 % with the highest k/d of 1.11.


SageThe stronghold of China, Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes. Thanks to that Sage has the highest pick rate among all the agents with a total of 74.8%.

And with that, we conclude our “Best Valorant Agents for the year 2021“. And we hope to see some new changes to players’ playstyles keeping in mind that a new agent is coming to the roster.

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