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Possibility of no-audience Dota 2 Winter Major 2022 as teams and pros continue to rebel against Valve’s decision of forfeiting major.

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Valve gives hope a winter major 2022 may be happening after all

Valve announced the cancellation of Dota 2 Winter Major 2022 amidst rising pandemic woes. But, a separate announcement reveals a possibility of a major.

Covid19 has been evolving since the day it plagued humanity in 2020. A series of lockdowns and strict norms later, the pandemic distress continues.

So does the misery of a lot of Dota 2 teams and pros. Seemingly, a lot of pro gamers and teams have expressed displeasure at Valve’s decision.

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Sceptical analysis tells the decision is made of out responsible choices, But, there are multiple factors at play here. Most important being the financial troubles of smaller teams.

Valve cancelled the Dota 2 Winter Major 2022 amidst pandemic tensions.

Currently, certain teams like the Quincy Crew and BOOM Esports have no organisation to play under. Both teams have stayed unbeaten in DPC Winter qualifiers. Yet, no team to represent for now.

Except, SEA and NA have lost appetite for Dota 2. Only one TI to date for NA and none for SEA in 11 years. That is troubling.

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Combining that with Pandemic sanctions, both regions have only known misery in the last 2 years. Also, teams are bleeding serious amounts of money to keep up with the competition. Though, smaller teams make do with minor budgets.

As it stands, no team is going to make any money. At least, not after the BootCamp expenses. Bigger the team, the bigger the expense. Also, wages are in question at the moment.

So is a Dota 2 Winter Major happening, or just a fluke like the last announcement?

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Retired players, Team coaches and even game analysts have shown displeasure at Valve’s rash decision. But, an apology does not fix the problem. Why?

Valve Corporation has always failed to keep pro players and the community in the loop. At the moment, the livelihoods of a lot of people are in question. Gamers included.

Quincy Crew Ponlo mentions that he will only be making a total of $2000 approx. at the end of the tour. Furthermore, majors provide exposure for smaller teams.

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What about the prize money and rewards from Fantasy through BP?

Dota 2 pro players had to wait for over 1 year and 4 months for TI10 while it kept rescheduling. On the other hand, Riot Games hosted a number of major events, including Masters Berlin, Champions 2021 and A Worlds both in 2021 and 2020.

Laziness and laidback decision making is a nature that is associated with Valve. More often than not, they make rash decisions to cover up for the wrong ones. But, with current announcements, a change might be coming. Yet, there is no surety of it.

Also, there is no final decision on Major yet. This means the previous announcement from Valve is null and void. So, what is Valve really up to?

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