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What does Qojqva think of casters flaming Dota 2 pro players?

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Qojqva unhappy at casters falming Dota 2 pro players

Qojqva is one of the top players in the Dota 2 Pro circuit. What does Qojqva think of casters who flame Dota 2 gamers?

Dota 2 is one of the most sought after Esports careers. But, the gatekeeping community and a constantly changing game make it impossible for casual gamers.

Though, it has to be mentioned that the gamers love a fair fight. Except, when the unnecessary emotions come along with it.

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Dota 2 carry Qojqva reacts and lets his emotions known about the flaming casters.

What really happened that riled up Qojqva?

In all honesty, the Dota 2 community is toxic in general. And that behaviour transcends in professional matches as well.

Trash talking, taunting, flaming and blaming your teammates or enemies are common practices. Wholeheartedly, most pro gamers accept the fact they have faced some gatekeeping. But, what about the established gamers in the scene then.

Casters are an integral part of the Dota 2 Pro scene. Without them, there is no hype or excitement in between matches. The game analysis helps new viewers understand the game more closely.

But, there is a stark contrast in skills between Casters and Pro Players. So, a lot of pros feel insulted when a low skill player questions their decisions in-game.

It is true that most casters have an average MMR of around 4000. While the pro players have an average of 8K MMR. Hence,  the difference is rather extreme.

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Qojqva ‘s reaction to Dota 2 casters flaming Team Bald Gorgc.

This is what Qojqva had to say:

” I don’t like it when casters flame players. I don’t like that. S***-talking someone is bad in-game or off-game. Honestly, most casters are Bad at the game. They do not have much knowledge. Other than a handful few, none of the casters have a good knowledge of the game. Yet, they S***-talk or talk down on players. I don’t know, I don’t like that.

Qojqva seemed quite sensitive to the topic. All of this while streaming Dota 2 on Twitch.

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The reaction was a result of Caster comments on the Matchup between Team Bald Reborn and  Team Chillax. The match was held on 10th January 2022, WEU DPC Div 2.

The casters are seen flaming and joking at Gorgc’s Medusa who was suffering during the laning phase in Game. The casters were seemed to have some personal vendetta against Team Bald and Gorgc particularly.

Qojqva mentions”

“Most Dota 2 casters have no knowledge of the game. Most of them are not even 4k avg. Oh sorry, no, more like 2.5K average MMR.

To be honest, the casters flamed Gorgc the entire game. And they seemed to enjoy themselves doing it. Hence, toxicity in Dota 2 community has no bounds. Most people just try to bring everyone to their level.

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