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Blast Premier World Finals 2021: NaVi wins Blast PREMIER Grand Final after clawing back certain defeat at the hands of Gambit prodigies.

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NaVi wins the BLAST PREMIER World Finals 2021

NaVi defended their title at the BlasT Premier World Finals at Copenhagen against Gambit in the Grand Finals. It is a match to remember.

NaVi and s1mple’s run at Copenhagen as defending title holders of Blast World Finals was not easy by any means. It was difficult and hard-fought by each and every member of NaVi.

Booml4 really popped off in the late stages of the match. The energy on the NaVi side in Inferno was simply infectious.

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Natus Vincere has won all LAN tournaments this year, except IEM WInters. They did not visit that tournament. B1t is the most successful Rookie to date.

NaVi started their journey from the Lower Brackets and clawed their way back to the Finals. The Grand Finals was no easy task against a strong team like Gambit.

A wrong call from NaVi: Mirage

Gambit defeated NaVi in a dominant fashion in Map 1. S1mple and B1t could not show their magic.

Interz, shiro and Ax1le served NaVi despair throughout the early stages. NaVi would try a few cheeky plays in Mirage in the closing stages. But, it would not be enough.

Eventually, NaVi would lose out to Gambit for 16-11 in Mirage. Post-match, Booml4 reflected on their failures in Map 1 in the interview.

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Extremely close and personal: Ancient

Ancient is a map NaVi has not practised much. Gambit looked to catch NaVi off guard because of that fact.

Naffany got energetic, and NaVi was feeling the pressure in the early stages. But, a masterful set of solo clutches saved NaVi from the brink of defeat. B1t and Perfecto caught Gambit off-guard multiple times.

But, the momentum shifted entirely, as S1mple secured the last kill on this map. Both Shiro and Naffany were out of their minds on Ancient.

Now, Naffany holds the title of “The IGL with most kills in a year”. Finally, S1mple secured a 26-12.

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Blast Premier Finals decider: Inferno

Coming to Inferno, NaVi had lost all prior matches this year. 3 times to be precise.

But, the performance NaVi showed was phenomenal. B1t remained basically untouchable for the rest of the match.

NaVi killing machine, Sasha “s1mple” Kostyliev, did stop for nothing. Also, 27-9 to end a hard and stressful day.

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Gambit Esports really got a thrashing in Map 3. But, it was obvious they were out of stamina. And, they were too impatient.

Defending titleholders of Blast Premier Finals, NaVi, capitalised on that fact. But, we need to learn from our mistakes and move on.

To sum up, we wish luck to both squads for future endeavours. This was the last CSGO LAN tournament of 2021.

You can watch the full match score here.

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