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Andrew Tate did Onlyfans before OnlyFans, Adin Ross argues with Destiny over trafficking allegations

Aaryanshi Mohan

andrew tate

Andrew Tate has been in a lot of limelight since he got arrested in December 2022. A lot of people have extended their support to the controversial social media influencer. In a recent online debate, streamer Steven “Destiny” and Tate’s good friend, Adin Ross discussed the r*pe and human trafficking allegations against the Tate brothers.

While Destiny was trying to reason why Tate should be punished for the crimes, Ross defended Top G. Adin said that the brothers did nothing wrong and that the business they ran was similar to OnlyFans.

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Adin and Destiny’s discussion about Andrew Tate

Destiny has been one of the many streamers who expressed their dissociation with the ideology Andrew Tate carried. Since the time Tate was detained by Romanian authorities, he has been even more critical of Tate. For the unversed, Tate and his brother were detained because of r*pe, kidnapping, and human trafficking charges that were slapped on them.

Adin carries a completely different view of Tate. He has been defending his good friend ever since he was put behind bars. During the discussion, Destiny was asked what he thought of Tate, and without flinching, he said “r*pist”.

Adin reacted to him instantly and said: “I really, really liked you until you said that. Why the f**k did you just say that bro?”

Adin also argued that since Andrew Tate was “hot” he didn’t really need to cross any limits and the ones who were around him were for his looks and money. Destiny clapped back by saying that he didn’t believe what Adin is saying. He said:

“I mean, do you think that hot people who are ripped with money and power don’t r*pe people or traffick people?”

Adin, in response to this, said: “He basically did OnlyFans before OnlyFans.”

Destiny and Adin disagreed with each other’s views and Destiny said this is what happens in the real world: “Welcome to prison”.

Andrew Tate’s health update

Reports floated online suggesting that Andrew Tate was diagnosed with cancer. However, the 36-year-old has refuted these claims in a tweet and said that he is doing completely fine. Adin Ross, who happens to be one of Tate’s closest friends said “Thank god! Love u brother.”

Adin has been one of the few people who have been backing Tate since the time he was put behind bars. Tate and Ross share an extremely close bond, and Tate has also listed Ross as one of the few people who could visit him in jail.

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