“I don’t think Grayson Allen wanted to hurt Alex Caruso!”: Bucks’ Jrue Holiday announces his teammate never meant to hurt anyone with incredible UFC technique

Tonoy Sengupta
|Published January 23, 2022

Milwaukee Bucks star Jrue Holiday comes out with a shocking statement about teammates Grayson Allen


For the past 2 days or so, Grayson Allen has been in the middle of a world full of hatred. And boy is it justified.

In case you aren’t aware of what he did to initiate what is going on right now, take a gander at the YouTube clip below.

At the time, Alex Caruso continued playing and even finished the game for the Chicago Bulls. However, long after the game was over, the worst fears of every Bulls fan were confirmed by multiple sources around the league.

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The hate towards Grayson Allen was high enough before this terrible news. But after it… well let’s just say ‘skyrocketed’ isn’t quite a strong enough verb to describe it.

With all this hate swirling around their player, several Bucks fans, and even the team’s social media has chosen to come forward in support of him. And now, it seems that even Jrue Holiday has decided to join the party.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Jrue Holiday announces that he believes Grayson Allen never intended to injure Alex Caruso despite egregious foul

Now, let us start here by saying we absolutely love Jrue Holiday as a player and a person. On the court, he is as dogged as they come. And off it, he has been known to be one of the nicest people in the NBA. And it is because we love him, that we think the man is lying through his teeth here.

Before we continue though, take a look at the tweet below to take a look at exactly what he said.

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We’re sure Grayson Allen didn’t want to fracture Alex Caruso’s wrist. However, was there malicious intent there?

Is the sky blue? Do people eat with their mouths? Does the water make you wet?

Yes. Unquestionably yes.

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