“I Revere Magic Johnson”: Andre Iguodala Fiercely Defended his Comparison Between Stephen Curry and Lakers Legend

Anujit Vijayakumar
|Published 12/03/2023

The 2022 NBA Finals performance from Stephen Curry warranted teammate Andre Iguodala to brand him as the greatest point guard of all time.

Steph Curry transfigured the game of basketball. The 34-year-old’s utilization of the three-point shot paved the way for the modern era of the game. In fact, the efficiency with which he has employed this weapon in his arsenal is remarkable.

However, the one argument that has been constantly brought up in arguments to berate Curry’s eminence was his lack of a ‘Finals MVP’. With the Golden State Warriors talisman capturing the coveted award in 2022, the narrative was finally put to bed.

It also enabled him to be perceived as the greatest point guard of all time due to the role he played in changing the game. In addition to his other magnificent laurels. One of the people who perceive him as the greatest is his teammate, Andre Iguodala.

Iguodala was scrutinized for his remarks, but he has now clarified his remarks.

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Andre Iguodala defends his decision to label Stephen Curry as the greatest PG of all time!

Shannon Sharpe is a household name within the NBA media spectrum. His podcast, ‘Club Shay Shay,’ has hosted several renowned athletes. Andre Iguodala recently appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast.

The pair spoke about innumerable topics. One that stood out was Iguodala’s past declaration, wherein he ranked Curry ahead of five-time NBA champion and NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

Iguodala defended his decision to Sharpe. The four-time NBA champion began:

“So I had known about Magic, and I revere Magic, and sometimes we revere guys…sometimes we look too much into a guy, and sometimes we don’t look enough into a guy…But I got to see Magic’s weaknesses

Iguodala continued:

“Steph’s done everything you can imaginably think of in terms of basketball. Whether it’s the stats for himself, the chips and what he’s done for his teammates and on top of (that), Magic did it with the Lakers in terms of the valuation the Lakers had when he got in. Look at the valuation of the Warriors when they brought the team with Stpeh vs right now. Its astronomical….He’s checked off every box” 

The sniper’s credentials are breathtaking. Curry’s success is entirely deserved, given that he dedicated his entire being to the game to be triumphant. His success was not an overnight outcome but a result of years of hard work that eventually materialized into his distinction.

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The legend of Stephen Curry!

Curry’s capability and repute precede him. The 6’3 guard has accumulated stalwart patronage due to his heroics on the basketball court. He has attained every accomplishment, individual and collective, that there is to attain in the sport of basketball.

The icing on the cake is that he is the sole owner of the record of the most number of threes scored in NBA history by a country mile. In his lifetime, despite the game transitioning more into a three-point game, it’s extremely unlikely anyone catches his record.

When it’s all said and done, the Chef will go down as the greatest point guard to lace a pair of boots!

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