Shaquille O’Neal, Who Once Returned $450 Million Worth David Beckham’s Wallet, Couldn’t Remember Wife Victoria’s Nickname

Adit Pujari
|Published November 09, 2022

Shaquille O’Neal is a fairly strange character. It is difficult to form an opinion about him. It’s perhaps due to his ability to showcase several skills at such a high caliber. Or perhaps, it is how his demeanor changes from menacing to friendly in a moment. He showed this friendliness in a bizarre interaction with David Beckham. However, he also forgot the Real Madrid legend’s wife Victoria’s nickname.

While on an episode of The Late Late Night Show with James Corden, Shaq and victoria revealed a fascinating story. Though O’Neal was the main narrator of this legendary tale, Victoria gave her input by attesting to the events of the story.

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Shaquille O’Neal returned David Beckham’s lost wallet

O’Neal revealed that he once found a wallet that belonged to David Beckham. He confessed to returning the wallet to its rightful owner and joked that he had given it back without any money. Shaq also joked that he pretended to be someone else and demanded a million dollars from the king of free kicks.

O’Neal: “I was walking one day in Beverly Hills and I found a wallet. Usually, when I find wallets, I just take out all the money out and just throw them. But this was a nice wallet, so I look. And it said David Beckham, I was like, ‘Can’t be!’ And I looked at the ID and it was David Beckham. “

To be fair to Shaquille O’Neal, Beckham is worth $450 million. So even if Shaq did take a few hundred bucks, David would hardly miss it. It’s also safe to assume that this is how Shaq maintains his $400 million net worth. He steals from lost wallets.

That being said, Shaq is probably not that close to the couple. After all, he casually forgot that the legendary Spice Girl is nicknamed Posh.

Shaq forgot Victoria Beckham’s nickname

While on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Shaq was playing a rapid round against Hugh Jackman. Jimmy Fallon asked Shaq to list every Spice Girls’ nickname. The 7′ ft 1″ Lakers legend however failed. He forgot Posh and Baby but named the other three.

Turns out Victoria’s alter ego is not as famous as she thought. Or maybe it’s because Shaq doesn’t have the time to remember her name.

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