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“Stephen Curry and I Got Married in July, Had All Our Kids in July”: Ayesha Curry Once Explained the Reasoning Behind Her Store’s Name

Raahib Singh

"Stephen Curry and I Got Married in July, Had All Our Kids in July": Ayesha Curry Once Explained the Reasoning Behind Her Cafe's Name

Ayesha Curry talked about her cafe ‘Sweet July’ and her reasoning behind the same, mentioned how Stephen Curry and her kids played a role

Ayesha Curry is one of the most popular wives in the NBA. She’s married to 4x NBA Champion Stephen Curry. The couple has known each other since they were teens, and have been together for a long time now. Together, they faced growing up and transitioning from kids to adults.

The whole growing up happened in Oakland after the Warriors drafted Stephen Curry as the 7th pick in the 2009 Draft. The couple got married in 2011 and have three beautiful children together.

In 2021, Ayesha Curry opened something very close to her heart. Starting in Oakland, Ayesha opened her flagship Sweet July store in early 2021. She sat down for an interview with ABC 7 News, where they talked about a lot of things. One of the key questions was why Oakland, to which Ayesha answered and said,

“Oakland is a place that has nurtured my family, my husband and I, since we started into our adulthood. We started our family here and it’s a town that has always embraced us. I feel like Oakland deserves to have nice things.”

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Ayesha Curry explains the reasoning behind the name ‘Sweet July’

Sweet July is something Ayesha feels deeply connected to. According to Ayesha, “Sweet July started out as just a mantra to find those things that bring joy into your life, whether they be big or small, and find ways to celebrate them every day. It’s that morning cup of coffee or tea, it’s your skincare routine. It’s that perfect blanket.”

July holds a special place in Ayesha’s heart. Talking about the same, she said,

“For me, all of my kids were born in July. I got married in July, and it was this time of extreme happiness.”

Mrs. Curry has made sure that her store is only curated with products from strong, independent women, and also represent female authors. In her words, “We’re extremely particular about the brands that we collaborate with or feature in the store.” 

It’s an incredible venture, and we’ve often seen Stephen Curry promote the same and show support for her wife. There are regular events to help build a strong community. However, the recent events got postponed after a break-in last night.

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Thankfully no one was injured. There are no further details that have been revealed, but from her story, we could see Ayesha was heartbroken about the same. It’s a beautiful venture, and it’s very discouraging to see what happened.

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