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“You would have said the same about the Cavaliers before 2003 right? Joe Burrow is the absolute TRUTH”: LeBron James’ praise for the Bengals’ QB might just be another sign of Lakers MVP’s growing insecurities these days

Akash Murty

"You would have said the same about the Cavaliers before 2003 right? Joe Burrow is the absolute TRUTH": LeBron James' praise for the Bengals' QB might just be another sign of Lakers MVP's growing insecurities these days

LeBron James’ comparison of himself to a 25-year-old Joe Burrow adds another to the signs of his growing insecurities these days.

Joseph Lee Burrow has done what no other Cincinnati Bengals player could do over in 30 years. The 25-year-old quarterback has led the team with only 15 Playoffs appearances in their 60+ years history to the AFC Championship.

After stunning the two-time defending conference champion Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs in overtime, the Cincinnati Bengals are in their first Super Bowl since the 1988 season. This led to a flurry of fans and celebrities congratulating Burrow after his amazing performance.

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NBA’s very own version of quarterback, LeBron James also went in awe of young QBs’ performance and then the swag after the game.

It was all fair until that point, before his friend and “NBA insider/analyst” Cuffs the Legend compared the Bengals making it to the Super Bowl to the Sacramento Kings doing it in the NBA. LeBron James had his own comparison ready.

LeBron James just cannot control himself from tweeting about himself

Amidst his team’s bad performances and his injury, that has kept him out for the last 3 Lakers’ losses, King James can’t get off of his self praising train.

This Tweet has been one of several such self-boasting posts which the Lakers’ point-forward couldn’t stop the urge to share on his Instagram or Twitter wall.

Most basketball fans remember or know something about a 21-year-old James leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to the 07′ NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. 2006-07 season was just his fourth season in the league, after getting drafted no.1 overall in 2003 by the Cavaliers.

There is no denying that he is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, with one of the best resumes of all time. Having said that, what would he add to that resume by comparing Burrows’ very own success in a very different sport than his?

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There are millions in the world to do that for James. He himself coming time and time again to remind the world that his name should be taken alongside Michael Jordan and Tom Brady, just spoils it even for some of his own fans.

And then comparing himself to a rather young athlete who has just started his career and made it to the Super Bowl in just his 2nd year, the 37-year-old is just showing signs of not handling the pressure of getting old well.

He is still one of the best basketball players in the NBA, having kept up MVP level performance in his 19th season, there’s no need for him to do these things. Just letting his basketball do the talking keeps him at the top with the very bests.

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Akash Murty

Akash Murty


An Electrical and Electronics Engineer by degree, Akash Murty is an NBA Editor at The SportsRush. Previously a Software Engineer, Murty couldn’t keep himself away from sports, and his knack for writing and putting his opinion forward brought him to the TSR. A big Soccer enthusiast, his interest in basketball developed late, as he got access to a hoop for the first time at 17. Following this, he started watching basketball at the 2012 Olympics, which transitioned to NBA, and he became a fan of the game as he watched LeBron James dominate the league. Him being an avid learner of the game and ritually following the league for around a decade, he now writes articles ranging from throwbacks, and live game reports, to gossip. LA Lakers are his favourite basketball team, while Chelsea has his heart in football. He also likes travelling, reading fiction, and sometimes cooking.

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