Antonio Brown’s NFL Suspension To End After Week 8: Is Antonio Brown Going to Seattle Seahawks?

Ashish Priyadarshi
|Published 22/10/2020

Antonio Brown To Seahawk : Antonio Brown will see his suspension end after week 8, giving him the chance to come back. Seattle remains interested in signing Brown.

Brown’s exit from the NFL was far from graceful. Teams saw him as egoistic, enigmatic, and a poor locker room presence. Further, Brown was also being investigated for a sexual assault case. Things did not look good for the former superstar.

However, reports have it that the Seahawks are interested in signing him. In fact, there are other teams in the mix as well.

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Antonio Brown’s Ugly Exit From the NFL

We all know the story of Brown’s horrific exit from the NFL. He got into arguments with his starting quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, in Pittsburgh and eventually forced a trade out to the Raiders.

From there, it was one issue after the other. First, he complained about not being able to use his old helmet. Next, he injured his feet during a cryo-therapy session. Later on, he got into heated arguments with his GM and head coach.

Brown was suspended, then had his suspension revoked, but by the end of all of it, the Raiders had seen enough. They voided Brown’s deal and killed the possibility of Brown ever suiting up as a Raider.

The NFL gave Brown a second shot, however. And what a second shot it was. The New England Patriots, with arguably the greatest head coach and quarterback of all time, picked up Brown, giving him the opportunity to revive his career.

Brown played one short game before that dream was dead. If the Patriots couldn’t tame Brown, then who could? As expected, things didn’t get much better. Brown was arrested in January 2020 for attacking a driver of a moving company truck.

The NFL officially suspended Brown for eight games in July for violating their personal conduct code. It legitimately looked like Brown had shot himself in the foot and that any chance of coming back was over. Until now.

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Antonio Brown to the Seahawks?

Brown joining the Seahawks might seem like a dream, but it’s a very likely possibility. As it stands, both of Seattle’s quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Geno Smith, were working out with Antonio Brown this summer.

Additionally, there are members in the Seahawks organization who believe that signing Brown would take Seattle’s offense to the next level. They already have one of the most potent offenses in the league led by MVP candidate Russell Wilson.

Further, both D.K. Metcalf (496 receiving yards) and Tyler Lockett (342 receiving yards) are on pace to reach 1,000 receiving yards on the season through five games. Adding Brown to the lineup would be deadly. Let’s not forget that Brown was one of the greatest receivers on the field during his NFL tenure.

Pairing him with Russell Wilson may spell danger for the rest of the league. However, as per reports, the Seahawks aren’t alone in wanting Brown. Several NFL teams could do with his services and it’ll be interesting to see where Brown eventually signs.

However, the burning question still remains. Can Brown tone down his antics and focus on what really matters, or will this just be a repeat of everything that has already been seen before?

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