Deion Sanders Jr. Embraces the Recognition for His Success With Colorado

Anushree Gupta
|Published November 20, 2023

The Colorado Buffaloes have witnessed a challenging season following an unexpectedly great start. Deion Sanders, who began the season with a 4-2 record, has faced intense criticism for the back-to-back losses in recent weeks. However, their online presence has been held by Deion Sanders Jr., who has apparently proven to be the ultimate winner of the season.

Coach Prime’s eldest son, Deion Sanders Jr., has been on a mission to handle the social front for CU. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed, catching the attention of reputable outlets such as the Washington Post. Recognizing his efforts, the Post celebrated Colorado’s online presence under the headline, which read,

“Colorado’s football team is winning online, despite losing on the field”

The statement in the piece by the Washington Post stated that the Buffaloes might be able to reap the rewards of their online reputation in the recruiting process.

Sanders Jr. took to Instagram to share his perspective in a follow-up comment via Instagram. He confidently asserted that, despite the current challenges and criticism, he isn’t concerned about how things appear at the moment. Sanders Jr. firmly believes in the future success of the team and that the world will recognize the impact of the team’s achievements in the near future.

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Following this, the fans flooded his post with congratulations. One of the fans wrote, “Still turned the season around from last year. Only up from here.”

Another chimed in, writing, “Hate comes from jealousy 💎 persistence!”

However, some even criticized the team for its losses this season and the unnecessary hype. One fan wrote, “Huge fan but leave it on the field… don’t try to compensate for the losses bro. Next season we coming 100x better”

Another wrote, “As a CU student, I’d rather win on the field and I’m sick of seeing headlines about us”

The Colorado Buffaloes are currently 4-7 and 12th in the Pac-12. They have now registered five straight losses, including their last one against Washington State.

Deion Sanders Jr. Attempts at Making Buffaloes More Relatable

It is undoubtedly established that the Colorado Buffaloes under Deion Sanders looked promising at the start of the season. What caught the eyes of the fans were the excerpts of Sanders’ leadership captured by the Well Off Media under Deion Sanders Jr.

His pivotal role has propelled the Colorado football program to the forefront, garnering national attention for the team. The YouTube vlogs have managed to capture behind-the-scenes insights into the team’s journey. Their presence on social media has also humanized the players and coaching staff, making them more relatable to the fanbase.

Coach Prime has also managed to raise the hype with his tweets and motivational words on social media. His presence has remained consistent, no matter what the results are on the field. His stance of trusting the process has won the hearts of many who await a better future for the Buffaloes.

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