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Tennis Rumors: Jannik Sinner Believed to Be Dating Russian Tennis Player After Alleged Breakup with Maria Braccini

Tanmay Roy

Tennis Rumors: Jannik Sinner Believed to Be Dating Russian Tennis Player After Alleged Breakup with Maria Braccini

Jannik Sinner might be out of the Italian Open 2024, much to the chagrin of the home crowd, but he continues to dominate headlines. His personal life is the fodder of many rumors, more so when it isn’t about his spectacular on-court form. Sinner was dating the Italian model and influencer, Maria Braccini. Now, there are rumors about him dating fellow Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya after his alleged breakup with Braccini.

A tweet by a Twitter user ‘Massimo’ shared the news about Jannik Sinner and Anna Kalinskaya being in a relationship. This took everyone by surprise, since until now, the common knowledge was that he was dating Maria Braccini. Braccini even joined Sinner in Miami during the ATP Masters event there.

Massimo wrote, “Reports in Italy are saying Jannik Sinner is dating Anna Kalinskaya who is a professional tennis player as well. Its fair to say Jannik’s game is generational on and off the court. Greatness.”

While some tennis fans did not believe this rumor, there are others who expressed their delight at this possibility and feel that Sinner and Kalinskaya would make a good pair.

The post was followed by a few tri-color emoji of green, white, and red, representing the Italian flag’s colors. However, it seems the 22-year-old Sinner has moved on from the Italian beauty. In an interview with Tennis365, Sinner expresssd her desire to keep his personal life private, and so does his supposed ex-girlfriend Maria Braccini.

The two wouldn’t post photos of them together, and neither would there be any PDA. They kept it very secretive, and possibly that’s why the rumor mill took more interest in it.

Maria Braccini, although not as popular as Sinner, is still a very successful social media influencer with 350,000 followers on Instagram. She loves traveling the world and doing photoshoots for her social media pages. They were together for 4 years.

Anna Kalinskaya, on the other hand, is 25 years old, which means she is 3 years older than Sinner. They are both two of the most happening young tennis players in the world right now, and their pairing has naturally got their fans excited. Kalinskaya, who looks stunning, has been previously linked with other high-profile tennis players as well. The most notable of them being Nick Kyrgios.

Before Jannik Sinner, there was Nick Kyrgios in Anna Kalinskaya’s life

Nick Kyrgios and Anna Kalinskaya had a pretty popular dating history, which unfortunately didn’t end nicely for them. They were holding hands during an NBA game and made other public appearances as well.

However, they parted ways and not on a nice note. It was clear from Anna Kalinskaya’s message to a fan once, who kept asking her about their relationship during an Instagram session.

Kalinskaya was very strong-headed about not remaining friends with Nick Kyrgios. In another post, she made an indirect reference to the Australian player not being a nice person. There was no response from Nick Kyrgios on her allegations. But now he is in a very steady relationship with his recent girlfriend Costeen Hatzi.

It will be interesting to see if Anna Kalinskaya and Jannik Sinner will go public with their relationship. This is if the rumors about them are true.

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