Cloud 9 Blue sends Gen.G Esports home, with a dominating series

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published 30/10/2021

Cloud 9 Blue defeats Gen.G Esports in the NA LCQ Lower round 2. With this loss, Gen.G is out of the tournament.

NA LCQ Lower Round 2 started with an interesting Best of 3 between Cloud 9 Vs Gen.G. The lower rounds are elimination brackets, with the losing team leaving the tournament.

Going into the match, Cloud 9 Blue was the higher seed. So Cloud9 picked Ascent as their first map, and Gen.G picked Split as their second Map, with Breeze being the third map.

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Cloud 9 Blue Vs Gen.G, Map 1: Ascent

This map seemed like a ranked match, where Cloud 9 was the surf team. The combo of Cloud9’s utility, aim, and awareness was just too much for Gen.G to handle. Cloud 9 just dominated this map with the final score being 13-1, and Xeta haveing a K/D of 7.7.

Cloud9 Vs Gen.G, Map 2: Split

Gen.G woke up for this map. They took a break, reset their minds and come back stronger. This turned out to be a very close map compared to the first map. The map went to an OT(overtime), with Gen.G hanging by the thread, thanks to Gen.G Temperature’s OT clutches. Gen.G won the map 14-12, and the Bo3 goes to Breeze.

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Cloud9 Vs Gen.G, Map 3: Breeze

This map turned out to be very competitive, and both teams didn’t want to go home out of NA LCQ. But sadly one team has to leave, and that team turned out to be Gen.G.

They tried their best, but the playstyle from CLoud9 was just impressive. Cloud 9 won the match with a score of 13-10.

With this loss, Gen.G is out of the Tournament, however, they showed great potential and I’m sure they will be back stronger next year.

As a result, Cloud9 lives to survive one more day, to match up against the winner of Version1 vs XSET.

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