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CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity: How to convert and use your sensitivity values for most played FPS titles?

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CSGO to Valorant sensitvity change in settings

CSGO and Valorant sensitivity values are different for the same DPI range. Undermentioned is everything you need to set the sensitivity.

If FPS games are your staple, then you know the importance of mouse settings. When it comes to getting better at a game, sensitivity and muscle memory does matter.

Factors like DPI and scoped sensitivity are an integral part. Also, every shooter has different sensitivity to get accustomed to.

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Whether it is CS:GO, Apex or even Valorant. One needs to adjust the mouse settings differently. Everyone has a different playstyle.

What causes players to shift between titles?

It’s no news that the majority of the Valorant players come from CS:GO. Valorant seems more accessible back when it launched.

Hence, numerous players decided to switch base soon. But, the final experience after Beta is different for many.

If you’re one of the unfortunates still struggling with Valorant sensitivity, we can help.

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What Valorant sensitivity factors to aim for when changing Sensitivity?

3.18 is going to be the golden ratio for the conversion. Hence, take the sensitivity from CSGO and divide it by 3.18. Simple as that.

If unsure of what values you are running, check it again. Go to the Keyboard/ Mouse tab under CSGO settings.

Click the Cog on the bottom left of the CSGO client homepage.

Moreover, one can visit the conversion tool by ‘forsettings’.You can decide your sensitivity settings from there.

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Are there more sensitivity factors values to look for Valorant across different titles?

Still, here is a list you can look into. The conversion rate for sensitivity in popular titles is mentioned ahead.

    • CS GO/ Apex to Valorant divide by 3.18.
    • Overwatch to Valorant divide by 10.6.
    • Rainbow Six Siege to Valorant divide by 12.1.

We hope that you find our CSGO Valorant sensitivity companion helpful. Until next time.

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