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Fade Valorant First look: Unofficial look at the upcoming Valorant Agent

Tanmaiy Reddy

Fade Valorant First look: Unofficial look at the upcoming Valorant Agent

Take a look at the initial leaks of Valorant’s upcoming Initiator Fade and how she will look in-game from Act 3. 

With the current act coming to an end soon, in about a one and half weeks. We get to take a look at any and all upcoming changes and addition to the game.

And the one thing we will be highlighting right now is the upcoming agent. In the early stages, we were aware that her code name is Bounty Hunter. And recently we got to know that her name in-game is Fade. But now let’s take a look at how she will look in-game.

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Valorant Fade

Here is the first look at the upcoming agent Fade.

Image via @ChowZ_Channel

These images are taken out of Fade’s upcoming release trailer. Here is another look at her using her abilities:

Image via @ChowZ_Channel

Fade is a Turkish Initiator coming to Valornat in the next Act. She is rumored to finally compete with Sova, which was seeming quite impossible. As Sova tends to be one of the agents with the highest pick rate. We got a chance to go through Fade’s abilities recently, which shows that she is going to be a dangerous agent going forward.

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Release Date

The new agent is will be released with the next Act, which will go live on:

  • North America: 27th April 06:00 AM PST
  • Europe: 27th April 03:00 PM CST
  • Southeast Asia: 28th April 03:00 AM IST

All the above timings are the pre-defined default timing however, if Riot faces any errors or exceptions while releasing the update, these timings could change. But that seems unlikely.

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