NA VCT Main Event Week 3 Leaderboards and teams which qualified into the playoffs

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published February 28, 2022

Take a look at the leaderboards for the NA VCT Main Even after an explosive week of intense back and forth matches. 

The competitive scene for the North American region seems to have gone off rails. We have some big-name such as 100 Thieves, Evil geniuses going 0:3 in the series whereas at the same time we have The guard going 3:0.

Don’t take me wrong, I’m not trying to undermine The Guard, they are one hell of a team. We kind of expected a lot from big teams such as 100 Thieves, and it’s disappointing to see them not perform at all. But that is what competition should be like I guess, not always getting what we expect.

Well for now let’s take a look at where the teams stand on the group’s leaderboards.

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NA VCT Group A Leaderboard

NA VCT Group A
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Cloud 9 has been performing really well since Vanity joined to be the IGL. Individually the whole team is really good, but Vanity just brought them together as a team and we can see that in their performance. But Guard, the new roster took on the North American giants and came up on top. They have surprised the whole community and continue to do so each day. Both these teams are trailing the leaderboard with 3:0 leads.

Apart from them, Luminosity is cutting it close in the 3rd position with a score of 2:1. But the reaming teams are struggling in the lower bracket with XSET only having 1 win and 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses having none. But none of the teams are out of the run for the playoff, it can be anyone’s game.

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NA VCT Group B Leaderboard

group b
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Group B on the other hand has a much close competition, with Version 1 leading the leaderboard with 3:0. And cutting it close are Optic Gaming and Sentinels with 2:1. The rest three teams, Rise, Knights, and NRG fighting to make it to the playoffs. If NRG wasn’t to have a chance to make it, they defiantly need to get the next two wins with a huge margin.

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Teams who reserved their seats in the playoffs

For now, The Guard, Cloud 9 Blue, and Version 1 have confirmed seats in the playoffs. And even though the odds for Sentinels, Optic Gaming, and Luminosity seem really good. There is a slight chance that they mess up the last two matches and screw their run. But that seems unlikely so we can expect to see these three teams in the playoffs as well.

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