Optic Gaming defeats Sentinels in the NA VCT Main Event and Secures the second position in the leaderboard

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published February 26, 2022

Optic Gaming takes down the North American giants in the NA VCT main event to secure a higher place on the leaderboard.

Optic Gaming(previously known as Envy) and Sentinels are some of the most famous teams from the North American region. And both of them deserve to be in that position.

So far the history of Sentinels vs Optic has been going back and forth. Before this match, the wins for both teams against each other were Sentinels 2: 3 Envy wins from the beginning of VCT 2021.  But with this win Envy secure a better win ratio with a difference of 2, as they are not 4:2 against Sentinels.

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Sentinels vs OpTic Gaming

Going into this matchup, Sentinels had the higher seed which means they get the option to select the first map. And Sen chooses Bind as the first map, with Optic selection Fracture as the second and Icebox being the decider map.

Map 1: Bind

Sentinels were preciously looking good on Bind. But Optic read them like a book and even give them room to breathe. As they went 9-0 in the first half and closed the overall map with a score of 12-2. Overall Optic just looked good with amazing util usage and crisp aim.

Map 2: Fracture

And it seems like Sentinels are sticking to their script as they seem to always get the second map after losing the first. Even though this was Optic’s pick Sentines just seemed good, with better reads. But this was not a clean sweep like the first map, it was a much closer series with Sentinels winning with a score of 13-10. And the MVP of this map will defiantly go to Zombs as he went 27/16 as Viper.

Map 3: Icebox

Going into this map Optic was dominating the initial rounds as they went 5-0, but Sen brought the first half to 7-5. But Optic was just better and did their homework going into this matchup as they won the map and the series with the scores of 13-9 and 2:1.

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Current Leaderboard for Group B

This win gives Optic a better chance to qualify for the playoffs with a better seeding. But this is not the end of their run as they still have 2 more games to go through.

Optic Gaming Leaderboard
Image by VLR.gg

Optic Gaming is looking good for now, and we hope they continue their performance going forward. And at the same time, this is not the last chance for Sentinels. This is their first loss and if they secure their next two matches they have the higher seed in the bag.

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