VALORANT tease new agent with leaked Battlepass and in game clues

Yuvansh Ruia
|Published 27/02/2022

The recent Battlepass came along with a new skin line, new gun buddies, player cars, and sprays. And Riot might just have teased a new Valorant agent with the Battlepass.

Last Year, Riot Games revealed that it wants to push out content faster, with one of the community’s biggest complaints being a slow map and agent additions to the game. It looks like VALORANT’s new agent is already being teased by Riot.

Riot Games is known to tease new agents and upcoming updates with new skins, player cards and in game clues. So the question remains; has Riot teased their new agent with the leaked Battlepass?


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New Valorant Agent tease

Among the various player cards, battlepass skins, and gun buddies there are three that stand out. The Bane Skinline, player card, and gun buddy especially. But even out of these three, the player card stands out the most.

This character has never been seen before and is very likely to be the new agent in the new season. The agent looks like a potential “Witch hunter” designed agent taking the skinline into consideration.

Which agent class do you think this agent will belong to?

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