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CSGO Roster changes: G2 AMANEK inactive. M0NESY replacing Amanek on G2 Esports roster.

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G2 Esports releases Amanek from their CSGO roster

G2 Esports CSGO has released Amanek from the roster as M0NESY joins as the new AWPer. How will m0NESY hold up against NaVi and s1mple?

AMANEK was G2 Esports AWPer, until yesterday. When m0NESY was signed, it was quite obvious to everyone involved, that a change was coming.

But, m0NESY might not have been the only reason. G2 Esports wanted more. It is a contract based on performance numbers and stats.

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François “AMANEK” Delaunay is a French CSGO player. His weapon of choice is the infamous melon popper in CSGO, the mean green AWP.

AMANEK joined the G2 Esports squad in 2019.

But, his season was not satisfactory in 2021. Not a single title. Also, only G2 Niko and G2 huNter were in the HLTV top 20 lists.

G2 Esports too did not announce anything official. Though, it is visible from their ” final piece” of the puzzle.

That would be XTQZZZ and Aleksib.

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To be fair, ESports Pro needs to perform. To compete at the highest levels, teams have to constantly keep pushing themselves to victory.

2021 was rough for pretty much everyone. NaVi took the CSGO LANs by storm. No one, or rather no team could stop them.

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AMANEK will be replaced by G2 m0NESY for 2022 CSGO season.

Now, teams feel that something needs to change when things are not working out. The same happened here. The same thing happened at Astralis, Team Vitality, Liquid, EG etc.

And that is a lot of teams. NaVi has created a perfect storm. Every team wants to take up the challenge that NaVi has started. The unbeaten streak throughout 2021, as well as the defending champions.

AMANEK was decent throughout 2021. But, considering the AWP abusers have ranked super high this year, other than Niko, teams doubted their strategies.

G2 Esports is one of them. The German CSGO organisation has still got a long way to go. That elusive major victory for Niko may end soon though.

We never know how the meta will shift a couple of days or a month from now. Hence, fingers crossed.

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