HLTV Interview with CSGO top 1 for 2021, NaVi s1mple.

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|Published 24/01/2022

NaVi s1mple won the HLTV CSGO Award as Top 1 player for 2021. Winning 6 LANS, made NaVi the best CSGO Team of 2021.

CSGO is one of the ESports titles people have tried to master for over a decade. But, few people have achieved what Sasha and NaVi achieved in 2021. Absolute, domination at every LAN.

The online era was a different story. But, once the Pandemic norms were lifted, NaVi and s1mple were different monsters. Electronic was a big part of that.

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Not, to forget about b1t, or Dust god Perfecto or the most cheerful IGL ever Booml4. Electronic and s1mple have created their best work ever. The best ESports roster, that CIS has seen in years.

And, all those years, when the going was tough, Sasha carried through thick and thin. And, in 2021, he carried when it mattered.

Sasha “s1mple” Kostyliev joined NaVi in 2016.

Here is the HLTV interview of Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. The CSGO G.O.A.T. responds.

Freya: How does it feel to be back at the top?

s1mple: Unexpected and dropped?! (smiles).

Spunj: Well? The ratio had fallen off? (smiles)

s1mple: No I am just kidding. Feels great. It feels great. The award is quite a big achievement for me. It’s been 3 years since I was ranked the best. Hence, it always feels great to come back.

And, the great thing is I always had the team behind me. Back in 2018, and now again. I could not have done this without them. It would not have happened.

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S1mple ‘s first CSGO Major victory, along with 5 other LANs back to back and 8 MVPs propelled him top of HLTV rankings.

Spunj: You and NaVi have the big target on your backs this season. You are the reigning MVP, NaVi the reigning champions. Also, there has been roster shuffle mania. Out of all those teams, who do you think are you gonna meet most or like to meet more often?

s1mple: I want to face G2. Because they were Group topper, during the Major Finals. And, it’s gonna be fun playing against this team. This year, I still want to win trophies. And, I still have the team behind. I believe in them more than they believe in themselves.

Freya: You recently mentioned after World Finals that, fans have played quite a big part by supporting you. Anything you wanna mention to them?

s1mple: Thank you, everyone, for supporting me, our team and our organisation. It means a lot when you see a lot of support and cheering for NaVi. This has been the best year for Natus Vincere, and hopefully, we keep maintaining the streak.

Freya: Thank You s1mple for joining us. And congratulations again.

s1mple: Thank you!

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That is all from the HLTV interview with CSGO top 1 of 2021, NaVi s1mple. Now, the real question is how strong is NaVi be this year?

Stronger, or maybe they stay the same. But, clawing the NaVi Nation out of the Champions throne, won’t be an easy task.

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