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Zywoo ‘s interview with HLTV. Zywoo wins 2nd best player of 2021 in CSGO.

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vitality zywoo interview iwth HLTV csgo

Zywoo told viewers and HLTV hosts about CSGO 2021 in retrospect. He is dethroned from top 1 after s1mple’s mesmerising 2021 season.

Zywoo is a French prodigy, who has made quite some name for himself. The CSGO pro circuit understands his potential and talent.

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut is an AWPer who plays for Team Vitality. He rose to fame since his performances in 2018.

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2021 was rough for most teams. No major for Vitality and Zywoo, but one LAN trophy at IEM Winter Season XVI.

Throughout the year, he has been overshadowed by NaVi s1mple. Only 2 MVP medals in 2021 for Mathieu.

Undermentioned is the interview on HLTV CSGO with Vitality Zywoo.

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Freya: First of all, congratulations Zywoo! How are you feeling?

Zywoo: I am feeling great, Thank you!

Zywoo is a French Prodigy playing for Team Vitality CSGO. He was HLTV top 1 in 2019 and 2020.

Spunj: Are we gonna see you return to the top 1 position this year?

Zywoo: Yes? But, I really don’t know. I am not gonna say Yes. We are up against some really strong players every year. This year would be no different. I did really like to continue playing my own game, play with my team and see what happens.

I am not gonna say it is gonna be me or s1mple or whoever. Wanna play my own CS and that’s it(smiles).

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Freya: Anything you wanna say to the fans and viewers?

Zywoo: I really way thank you to everyone, first of all. The positivity and support really kept leading us. I wanna thank my teammates, Vitality and family for sure, for my exploits last year. Everyone!

That is all the conversation on the HLTV CSGO awards show with Zywoo. As it seems, Zywoo is itching to perform. He is content but stressed.

Still, no CSGO Major wins. But, this year might be a different story after all. The BLAST Premier Spring Groups will be something to look out for.

Also, matches start on January 28. Do keep your popcorn ready.

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