CSGO Roster Changes: Shox joins Team Liquid after getting kicked by Team Vitality.

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|Published December 30, 2021

Shox has decided to join Team Liquid CSGO amidst hordes of roster changes before the end of the year. But, can NA bounce back with the new offshore signings?

Team Vitality parted ways with Shox last week. The Final Dance ended with their exit in Blast Premier World Finals 2021.

After Coach XTQZZZ, Shox is the next to be kicked out. Everyone expects roster changes post-tournament. But, removing Shox was a shocker.

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Vitality’s all-French project has now terminated with no Major title to show for. It is a shame since they have never been any closer to Major.

Shox is confirmed to join Team Liquid immediately.

Shox was one of the best Fraggers in Team Vitality. He was second in skill only to French Prodigy ZywOo.

To be honest, Vitality would not have even made it this far without him. So, what is this rash decision all of a sudden?

There are multiple factors at play here and some of them are hypothesised. At the moment, there have not been any comments on how this decision came about in Vitality.

“Richard ‘Shox’ Papillon got his name from the Nike Shox shoes, the sneakers he wore at the time of when he was thinking of choosing his name.


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Richard “Shox” Papillon is a French National born in 1992, on the 27th of May. At 29 years of age, he has played formerly for quite a lot of Tier 1 teams.

He is one of the most famous Counter-Strike players. As a result, Richard has played for top teams throughout his career such as VeryGames, Epsilon, EnVyUs, G2 Esports and Team Vitality.

Hence, Richard is experienced and at his prime at the moment. So why?

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The decision might have been mutual at Team Vitality.

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As expectations rise, so does the odds. One has to keep performing and hope that everything goes well.

But, with the ascend of NaVi and s1mple‘s form, any team will have a difficult day. Team Vitality has not defeated NaVi ever in LAN.

In fact, NaVi has won every LAN they have attended. 5 out 0f 5, including the PGL Stockholm Major.

Team Vitality needed a change, so changes they did make. Shox, Kyojin and XTQZZZ might have all decided upon this.

Now, Richard Paillon is Team Liquid (CSGO) Shox.

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What to expect at Team Liquid?

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Shox has not played for Team Liquid earlier. This is quite a new collaboration for both parties involved.

As of now, Shox is replacing Stewie2k, who is bound for Cloud 9 with Nitr0. The CSGO squad is yet to sign a 5th playing member.

Hopefully, it all turns out well for Shox. But, we have significant doubts about how Shox would fare in an ever-increasing NA toxicity.

NA has this unique problem where players get signed based on popularity, not on skill. Also, teams tend to show off and falsely hype rosters.

Dota 2, CSGO or Valorant, the problem persists for almost a decade now. The current signing of Liquid CSGO, Shox, might help with that.

But, when is the change coming? When is NA really winning again?

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Happy Holidays everyone!

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