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Italian CSGO Player FUSiON passes away. Reasons for death unknown.

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FUSiON CSGO Death, Alex Dincof, Italy

News of the death of FUSiON has taken the Italian CSGO scene by surprise. Italy has lost one of its best Esports athletes.

Esports is a difficult career to adhere to. Hence, it’s difficult to earn fame and success in one of the most competitive professions.

Italy is a little known country in ESports. Yet, a player who represents the entire gaming community is important.

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FUSion was such a player to the Italian CSGO Community and gaming in general. But, due to unknown reasons for death, the 23-year-old CSGO veteran, FUSiON, has passed away.

FUSiON started playing at 17 years. He had quite an adventurous career in CSGO.

Alex “FUSiON” Dincof (February 13, 1998 – January 3, 2022) was an Italian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. The news did not surface until yesterday.

Alex Dincof died on the 3rd of January this year. Yet, the news arrived late from family and close friends.

FUSiON used to compete in C-tier tournaments in Europe. Though young, Alex started playing in 2015. To be honest, 23 is considered the prime age for many Esports pros.

In 2016, he joined the DOGES. Shortly after, he won his first LAN with them in 2016. But, ESL Italia still seemed elusive to him.

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DOGES finished second at ESL in 2017. Though, it was an improvement from the 9th position finish in 2016.

Alex pretty much moved from team to team in the early parts of his career. After DOGES, Outplayed and MKers was not much of an improvement. It was worse actually.

His short stint at Morning Stars Akademy was rough. Not a single title was won at 4 different tournament visits. Eventually, Alex decided to move to GameZone Esports.

With GameZone, he won multiple titles. But, 2019 was a rough year where his best finish was 2nd. Also, FUSiON played his first B-Tier tourney.

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Alex “FUSiON” Dincoff played over 20 tournaments in 2021 alone between October and December.

Eventually, he ended up EClub Brugge, from Belgium, in October of 2021.

Nevertheless, the important point here is that 2021 was extremely exhausting for FUSiON. FUSiON took part in 20 different CSGO tourneys.

But, he could only secure a singular C-Tier title at PolyPlay Tournament #1. Other than that, a couple more runner up and third-place finishes in various Championships.

2019 -2021 was quite rough for most ESports teams. The same was true for E Club Brugge. But, there is only so much pressure that an individual can handle.

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Alex “FUSiON” Dincof played his last Professional Championship on 12th December of 2021, representing E Club Brugge. Eventually, he would finish 3rd in NumberOne Season 2: Legend Stage 4.

As the year ended, shocking news surfaced in the CSGO Reddit and online communities. News resonating the death of a dear old friend and Family member surfaced on Social media.

Life is short, and we have only one. Truthfully, Alex “FUSiON” Dincof followed his dreams. He showed persistence in the toughest of times. Death of FUSiON is a setback to Italian CSGO hopes.

We at TheSportsRush extend our deepest condolences to Alex’s friends and family members. May Alex “FUSiON” Dincoff Rest in Peace.

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