100 Thieves releases their new Valorant roster with Massive personality changes

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published April 14, 2022

After a lot of speculation and guesswork, we finally have a look at the 100 Thieves, Valorant Roster for 2022 VCT Stage 2.

100 Thieves have been through a lot of change in their valorant division. Initially starting off with the addition of ec1s and BabyJ after the end of Champions 2021. But there got dropped after a poor performance in NA VCT Stage 1 Group stage.

And after that, we saw the addition of JcStani and Bang to the roster, however, they were on for temporary basis. But after 100 Thieves lot the in the Group stage and were out of Stage 1 of VCT we were promised some big and permanent changes to the roster.

So the big changes started off with adding Sean Garis and DDK as Head Coach and General Manager respectively. And new 100T is out with their final roster, with them terming it as “A New Era of 100T Valorant

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100 Thieves New Valorant Roster

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Introducing the new and improved 100T Valornat roster starting:


William “Will” Cheng was previously a member of BBG aka Built by Gamers. However, got released from his contract in March 2022 and is now joining 100 as their dualist.


Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk is the young demon whom 100T doesn’t wanna get rid of. He has been a member of 100T since the competitive series began.

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Sean “bang” Bezerra is the young buck jumping from team to team. But it looks like he has found his place and is here to stay. He will be continuing his controller role for 100T.


Brenden “stellar” McGrath is the new big brain coming from the SOAR valorant roster. He will be replacing Ethan as an IGL in the new roster.


Derrek “Derrek” Ha was previously a member of Rise Nation. However, after 2022 VCT stage 1 they release all of their players. As for now Derrek will be continuing his Sova role for 100T.

What was the reasoning behind this roster?

While building this roster the three things which DDK and Sean were focusing on were:

  • The hunger and drive to pick up the trophy and do anything to achieve it
  • Agent Roles and that nothing overlapped
  • and lastly Culture

Going into this roster Asuna wanted to play a Flex role, and Bang wanted to play Controllers. And building on top of that they began with Derrek as Sova main. They came Steller for IGL and bring in experience and keeping everyone in check and finally gave the dualist role to Will.

The million-dollar question: What happened to Ethan?

The team really wanted to add one of the best players, but they were facing some kickback with clashing roles. So for now Ethan will not be in the starting 5, however, his future is certain for now.

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