Looks like Sean Gares might finally join the Sentinels Valorant roster after all

Tanmaiy Reddy
|Published March 15, 2022

After a lot of back and forth, it looks like Sean Gares might finally join the Sentinels Valorant roster as a Coach after all.

Sentinels valorant roster has kind of been in a slump since their win in Masters Two Reykjavik. Even though they have been performing well, they don’t seem to have the edge which they had before.

And to rectify this Sentinels started looking for a Coach, one who knows the roster pretty well and knows the in and outs of the game. They were able to get a coach “Rawkus” however, his contract was only for a certain time limit. And after Champions 2021 ended Rawkus left Sentinels, and now they are again in the market looking for a coach.

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Sean Gares

Sean “sgares” Gares is an American commentator who was previously a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike player. He was in the CS roster with Shahzam and Sick for the MisFits Gaming.

And after Valorant came into play Sean decided to become an analyst and an NA competitive commentator. But it looks like he may not continue in the same profession.

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Riot came out with the commentating talent for VCT 2022 Masters 1 Reykjavik, and Sean was not in it. So following up on this decision Sean wants to join the competitive side now.

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SEN Sean

As Sean previously played with Shazam and Sick in CS and he is highly talented. Shahzam said that they tried to get him to Coach sentinels, but Shaz said that Sean didn’t want to join the competitive scene right now.

But based on the recent events looks like we might get to see Sean Garis as the new COach for Sentinels. If this change actually takes place, it might be a huge help for Sentinels. And their first step on becoming the kings of NA again.

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