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Valorant Roster changes: OG is about to confirm its new roster shortly for the 2022 Season.

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Valorant OG Roster lock confirmation coming shortly

OG is looking to introduce a new Valorant roster for the 2022 season. There is no official roster confirmation yet.

OG does not have much to show for their 2021 Valorant tour. At every event participation, they have received massive heartbreaks.

The European association is reportedly leaving behind its old project in VALORANT. Right now,  OG looks forward to assembling an all-French squad.

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Joey “ fxy0” Schlosser, Théo “ OniBy” Tarlier, Elian “ MateliaN” R, and Mathieu “ LaAw” Plantin are potential confirmations. But there has been no official announcement on roster lock yet.

OG might be finally ready to confirm roster lock for the 2022 season.

OG’s VALORANT roster has featured just one player, Benjamin “ uNKOE” Chevasson, and coach Julien “ daemoN” Ducros. In October, the association parted ways with Destrian, DPS and TviQ.

A string of poor results led them to miss VCT Europe Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs. Eventually, they participated in Masters Berlin in September.

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OG hasn’t played an official match since July 2021. There is no team at OG camp since October. Also, the management has sure taken some time to think over the process.

During the restructure, OG reportedly considered options. International players like Jacob “ pyth” Mourujärvi and Patryk “ paTiTek” Fabrowski were being trialled.

OG uNKOE is the only active member at the moment.

But, OG ended up aiming at assembling a full French squad. It’s not verified yet. Also, reportedly the squad will take part in the French VALORANT League organized by Freaks 4U Gaming.

The 2022 VCT season will start off in February. Consequently, we will see the teams fight in regional leagues as well.

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Teams can take part in the fourth tier of official VALORANT events. The events are ranked below the Challengers, Masters, and Champions tournaments.

This step was made to increase the number of official events during the year 2022. Hence, newer squads like that of OG can find more places to be.

Hopefully, everything would be just fine. With N0tail’s increased involvement, there is every chance for the organisation to grow.

OG speculative roster for Valorant 2022 season.

  • Benjamin ‘uNKOE’ Chevasson
  • Mathieu ‘LaAw’ Plantin
  • Joey ‘fxy0’ Schlosser
  • Elian ‘MateliaN’ R
  • Theo ‘OniBy’ Tarlier
  • Julien ‘daemoN’ Ducros (coach)

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