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Dota 2 Battle Pass update reactions: What does the community think of the current changes brought to Dota 2

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dota 2 battle pass updates and reactions

Dota 2 Battle Pass updates were much awaited by the gaming community, due to the horde of promised updates. What does the Dota 2 community think?

The Winter Battle Pass update brought in a new Arcana and a few other minor updates. But, none of them is gameplay changes.

All of the current updates are actually more methods of milking money. Even though Valve mostly gets away with it, we have significant doubts this time.

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We remember a time when Valve said, nothing ever lore breaking would be released. But, promises are meant to be broken?

The changes and additions made in Winter Update.

The addition of Battle Pass is not a new concept. But, it is entirely new to Dota 2 as a concept.

BattlePass used to be added as a part of TI Compendium. So, we are guessing there would be Four(4) different BattlePass annually.

Currently, DPC consists of three tours and TI starting from 2021. We are expecting BattlePass for each of the tours and TI.

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There are three different tiers of Battle Pass one can buy from Valve.

1. Level 1 Bundle – $7.49
2. Level 2 Bundle – $26.99
3. Level 3 Bundle – $41.99

At the moment, the BattlePass costs are not normalised like most titles. But, Valve might add regional pricing just like Amazon places its subscription price. Fingers crossed.

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Dota 2 Battle Pass features and reactions.

The Battle Pass includes quite a few rewards. But, sometimes the BattlePass is just not worth it.

Other than the solo reward on level 333, nothing else feels collectable. Level 333 in Battle Pass gives you the exclusive Drow Ranger Arcana. To be honest, it looks like a League hero.

Mirana persona too is nothing special, but welcome addition. On the other hand, everything feels cheap and a waste of time and money.

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The immortals, treasures and even Hero cosmetics are worse than the legacy ones. Also, Valve has added some really stupid changes to the Map.

The map vision/fog effect is changed for the  Battle Pass owners. More importantly, it is annoying and cannot be toggled off. This special starry particle effect will bleed your eyes.

Also, an experimental feature involving the use of a Controller to play Dota 2 has been added. But, the real question is, how are people supposed to play the game with Controllers.

At least, not with all the necessary keybinds. Steam might have to develop a controller of their own. This will be quite a challenge after the hasty SteamDeck.

Quality of life changes is supposed to make life easier. But, Gaben gives, Gaben Takes!

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