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Dota 2 News: What are the final confirmed teams and rosters for new the DPC season?

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dota 2 teams DPC final roster

Dota 2 teams have changed a lot since The International 2021 ended. Heartbreaks and new alliances are made while the new DPC season rages on.

Roster shuffles are part of the esports calendar. Professional players move on to greener pastures or get kicked from the active roster.

As a result, since The International, almost all Dota 2 teams have undergone changes. With the players retiring this season, a lot of teams will be looking to sign prodigies and free agents.

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DPC ready teams have already announced their rosters for Q1 of the DPC season. Below, we list all teams who have finalised an exciting roster.

Evil Geniuses: The return of Pos4 mastermind, Jerax

NA powerhouse Evil GEniuses revealed Jerax’s return from exile. This is an exciting development.

Jerax and Nightfall will replace Fly and Iceiceice respectively. Fly joined Talon and Icieiceice arrived in Secret

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Team Secret: The King returns

Secret had a pretty decent run at TI this year. With setbacks at TI, Puppey had to make choices.

Sumail was called in to replace Matumbaman, who left for Liquid along with Zai. Iceiceice arrives from EG to take over Offlane position.

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OG: New beginnings with a new Dota 2 Team

With Topson announcing his break, the OG Ti-winning roster has all but retired. OG has decided to invest in future generations.

OG’s coach Misha joins the active squad with Taiga and 3 new freshers. Whatever legacy they create, only time will tell.

PSG.LGD: Getting ready for TI

3rd time was not the charm for Chinese giants this year. Being so close to Aegis, only makes you want more.

LGD squad members decided to stick together for another year.

NIGMA Galaxy: No changes to Dota 2 Team

Kuro’s Dream team could make the cut for the TI10. Finally, an announcement after months of no activity.

Nigma galaxy decided to stick to the old roster. Kuroky’s dream of winning another TI might be a reality.

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Tundra Esports: Longterm contract with current Dota 2 Team

Tundra too could not make the cut for TI. They could not rack up enough DPC points for an invitation. Qualifiers did not go as planned.

The current active roster finally decided to sign a 3-year contract.

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The Undermentioned are all confirmed Dota 2 teams across all regions.

Eastern Europe

TBADreamAskoldBlizzyMika (Le_don)w_Zayac
Team EmpireLightlessMannikGhostik[T]SAKaori
CIS RejectsRAMZES666depressed kid9pashaRodjERfng

Western Europe

Team SecretNishaSumaiLiceiceiceYapzorPuppey
Team AgentShadadzanticksymetricaL_TANNERLeBron

North America

Evil GeniusesArteezyAbedNightfallCr1t-JerAx
Quincy CrewYawaRQuinnKheZuMilanPonlo

South America

SG esportsArmsKxyHykoLTHWij
Thunder PredatorAngelDarkmagoOscarMatthewPandaboo
Kingrd squadhFn4drTavoKingrdYadomi


Xtreme GamingJPaparazi (Eurus)SrfTank (Pyw)Dy

Southeast Asia

TNC PredatorYoungGodYoweXiaoyuPlayHardFebby
Talon EsportsGabbiMikotokpiiHydeFly

Free Agents

PlayerLast Played PositionDesired Position
Armel2Not specified
BOOM2Not specified
xNova5Not Specified

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