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Who are the Top 10 wealthiest WWE superstars of 2022?

Rishabh Singh

Top 10 richest WWE Wrestlers

Top 10 richest WWE wrestlers who made a fortune in and outside the business through years of hard work and struggle.

The business of pro wrestling is as demanding as it is profitable. WWE was founded in the year 1980. To be a pro wrestler is quite similar to being an actor or entertainer. Much like how movie productions depend on people for their success, Wrestling promotions depend on their fans.

If the fans take a shine to a wrestler and his gimmick, possibilities become endless for that wrestler. WWE is one of the longest-running episodic TV shows with two successful brands named ‘Monday Night Raw’ and ‘Smackdown’. Its perpetuity substantiates the success of the company.

Over the years the WWE has produced talented wrestlers that have become larger than life. Their hard work in the ring and outside have made them insanely wealthy. 

Here are the top 10 richest WWE wrestlers as of 2022

  1. Dwane “The Rock” Johnson

The wrestler-turned-actor was a monumental success in the business. His charisma in the ring and on the mic left nothing to be desired as he became a fan favorite. The Rock has contributed some of the most iconic moments to the WWE. The Rock made $65 million in the WWE before leaving for Hollywood. The highest-paid actor’s current net worth stands at $350 million. 

2. John Cena

John made his debut in the ruthless aggression era and got people talking. Cena wasn’t an instant success as he had reached a point in his career where he could not get enough credibility to transition from a jobber to a mid-carder. Eventually, Cena made it big by adopting the “doctor of thugonomics” gimmick. Besides wrestling, John is also an actor and a rapper. His current net worth stands at a mind-blowing $55million. 


3. Triple H

Paul Micheal Levesque is the current COO of the WWE. He’s had a legendary career in the company having won a lot of championships and accolades under his belt. Triple H’s current net worth stands at an astonishing $40.5 million.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Texas Rattle Snake is one of the pioneers of the attitude era. Although he’s retired, he continues to make millions for the WWE to this day through merch sales. His current net worth is at a ‘stunning’ $30 million.

5. Hulk Hogan

Famously known as the Hollywood Hulk hogan, his thunderous voice and the legendary leg drop are a few of many things that best describe this Hall of Famer. Hulk’s success in the WWE earned him huge money. His current net worth is at ‘leg dropping’ $25 million.

6. Brock Lesnar

Introduced as ‘the next big thing’, Brock went ahead moving mountains in his career in both The WWE and UFC. The Beast incarnate’s net worth is at $22million.

7. Big Show

The Giant of the WWE has had a very impressive career in the company because of his large frame and athleticism. Big Show has held multiple titles over the year and his net worth is $21 million. 

8. The Undertaker

The Phenom has spent 3 decades in the business. From winning World championships to having the longest WrestleMania winning streak, Taker has achieved it all in the WWE. His current net worth is $18 million.

9. Batista

Batista much like The Rock is another wrestler turned actor who made it big in Hollywood. Dave Batista’s net worth is $13.3 million.

10. Randy Orton

The third-generation kid grew up following his father and grandfather’s footsteps. Randy Orton was made for the business. His loyalty to the WWE has earned him a net worth of $11million.

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